by Quaere Verum

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released September 27, 2013

All music written and performed by Quaere Verum.
All lyrics written by Joe Atkison except "Quatre", written by Brian Sigmund and Joe Atkison, and "All That Was Left Was His Cerebellum", written by Steve Cliffe and Joe Atkison.

Produced by Galen McGreehan and Quaere Verum.
Engineered and Mixed by Galen McGreehan.
Ingress was recorded and mixed at BrownSugar Studios.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.
Cover artwork and layout by Jon Milles.



all rights reserved


Quaere Verum St Louis, Missouri

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Track Name: A Codex Moment
A Codex Moment

It's OK to drink the bug spray, despite the warning, brought to you in part by: The FDA - It's just their way of destroying our lives, minds, and our hope.

Relax your mind, with pills and food and this will pass. Erase your thoughts voluntarily. Embrace electric pharmaceuticals.

The plan goes as follows: They're going to kill your friends, they're going to kill your family, and then they're going to kill you.

We live in this plagued relentless palace of death. We live in this sacrifice. We live in this lie.

Unfortified - Genetically modified.
A product recall - New formula.
A product recall - Control production.

Sickened disease ridden humans under government control. It's manifesting to global domination and greed, it's manifesting to treason and the lies we believe.

Planning the start of globalization. This will be the end of all humanities sins. The serpent awaits its carnivorous feast tonight.

They're in control. Be complacent. Let it go.
Bear witness to the end of everything.
Track Name: All That Was Left Was His Cerebellum
All That Was Left Was His Cerebellum

Entombed in nothingness. Perpetual Mantra. Lost the signal to enlightenment. 10% of the population is all that's left. New World Order in effect of this nation - of the world - of our lives.

No arms. No more rights.

Become slaves of post-traumatic death syndrome will plague the mindless thoughts of leaders.

No arms. No more rights. Become - slaves of God.

By the light of the sun - glimpses of hope casted from shadows of doubt will we be reborn. Scripted lives strip out minds.
Encrypted messages or distractions from the truth?

Cover up all of the bodies amongst us. Left with a doubt. Shadows of hope casted from apocalyptic post-America.

Life is just a game for the rich and elite.
Track Name: Lights, Camera, Distraction
Lights, Camera, Distraction

Rise and shine, you know what they say - Same old shit different masquerade. I turn on the box, then I read the page. Simple rhythms while I reconstruct my face. Taken away by the artificial sound - just like yesterday, and the other day, and that one day...

Who needs change?

I surf the wave of the information highway. I’m the smartest man alive - Me and my mechanical brain. The push of a button, I know everything. The one stop shop. The deadly plague has taken control.

I need a drink, after all this. Turn the knob, let the gods quench my thirst. I feel the great utopia. Skepticism washed away.

My patience curved - Accept the word. No questions asked. Time will erase this - Faded line. No one should cross. I am my own man - or am I not? Jaded from the world around me. Live my life - by the box.

It traps me, between fiction and reality.

More - this is what they want from me. Told to be safe with ardor, corralled in through the corridor. Never the best, there's always more.
More money, more evil. More.

Lights, places on the stage. The show is almost underway. Stay quiet on the set. Never disobey the director’s commands in this tyrannical play. Just brain washed actors on the world’s largest stage.

Live your life without question. Following the same routine every day. Reading your facts from the screen and your beliefs from the pages.

Ask yourself: Does this seem familiar? Does this seem real?
Track Name: The Weatherman
The Weather Man

Stay tuned for a message from the Emergency Broadcast System: Flip the switch. Low frequencies sound. Your mind is ours. Remember this is only a test.

The antennas take aim at the sky, preparing for an experiment - On our minds and our lives, nothing is sacred in the eyes of tyranny. Thought process revoked. Conspiracy. Uncover the faint crippling sound.

Painting pictures in the sky. Heed your warning sign. Man-made paradise.

Please hold while we disrupt harmony, manipulate energy, perform surgery on the planets core. A force field patented for defense - is now in the hands of the offensive. Machines decode our brains run our lives. Machines destroy our old way of life. Cause malfunction Cause disruption. Controlling our way of life.

High Frequency Active Aural Research Program - funded by our government for defense.

What would Nikki say?

E systems black projects.
E systems black vortex.
Track Name: Quatre
(Lyrics written by: Brian Sigmund)

Any day now, a moment to spiral enduring. Crept upon with cryptic conveyance. Blindly we are the Archates of the Cadence. Wail as the wind hauls til we micturate your rancor. Your perseveration of this shibboleth. Carnival carnage sarcophagus vociferate veracity. Design - this hegemony is obvious.

Your eyes the casualty. Your lives the casualty.

Dead and puppetized is your existence.

Volte-face our common thread. Multiplying manipulation our plight. Check your pulse it beats not with the earth. The heart beat you know, beats dead. Absquatulation from this hell becomes increasingly lost for all. Incestial benevolance conjures faithful dormants - Cause promotes this beau monde. Create this hate like debt you wept. Need these martyrs for your control. Many shards to cut you - raining their warfare. The quintessential quietus becomes your pyrrhic victory.
Track Name: Ain't Nothin' in Shanksville But A Hole
Ain't Nothin' In Shanksville But A Hole

Where were you the day our lives took a turn for the worse? Spreading fear and panic across the nation. The sky is falling - attack from above - apocalypse.

Demolition: weaken the inner structure.
Politician: influencing our lives.
They build the walls for us to contain ourselves, our ideas.

A terror storm of great proportion - Strike fear into the masses. The plan devised: Deception will unify. Our freedom sacrificed for security.

Freedom for security - the greatest hoax.
Freedom never ours.
Freedom lost before all.

But no one speaks of the sub-level explosions, or the way the towers crumbled to the earth.

Free fall speeds - TNT murderers.
Track Name: The Herd
The Herd

Walk the streets a stalker, covered in your own blood. You search for a killer, struggle for existence. Fantasy or paradox?

(Same old business your life) (Same transaction you’re paying for your demise) (Your happiness) The world is an opium den filled with pharmaceuticals and heroin, Like a department store for your addiction. Vindication is no longer in sight. Find your soul, reclaim your mind. Your value of life depends on the pills you take to stay alive.

Storm in your medicated life - You plead to face the world, but your social skills are paralyzed. Failure to connect with this life.

A clear design controlling the human race. You live your life with no memory. Live your life with no memory of your conscience or your thoughts.

Storm in your difficult life - that you brought upon yourself and your friends.
Track Name: The Houdini Massacre
The Houdini Massacre

Brains sprayed amongst the scene. Take me from these destroyers of dreams. Cold blooded massacre done without a trace, covert killer without a face.

They blame it on a closet flaw. You blame it on what they said it was. Never question what they say is unpreventable disease.

Place your life in their hands, trust in them as gods. Fate is now nonexistent; fate has now become a memory for us to bleed hope.

Soldiers sent out to fight for the future of human kind. Start the endless war - Start the crime. Men, women, and children die - for the future of human kind. Stop the endless war - Homicide.

Watch the bodies pile higher...

Ask yourself:
Are you truly alive?
Ask yourself:
Are you only awake when you die?

We must fight the establishment. We must fight the corporations, to the death.

Blood drips from our hearts then spills in their cups. Blood drips from our eyes. All that we see is just distraction...

Corporate reincarnated massacre right in front of your face. Corporate soldiers, they're undercover.
Track Name: So What, Are They Going To Kill Us All?
So What, Are They Going To Kill Us All?

The blood paints a mural for the world to see: Militant corpses rotting in the streets. In this corrupt industrious machine called mind control that I will not accept. Give me liberty or give me death. End these blood lines.

Let’s face it, the world's an enterprise - A big mall and we're the consumers.

Play it safe for the sake of your god. Even flow. When it comes will you accept it? When it comes will you embrace the lies?

Protest history and steadfast destiny. Take control of our lives. Bring democracy. Procreation of the serpent. Put a price on life. Human kind extinct.

It all started the day the ships sailed in - bearing great American values, and the seven deadly sins.

Divide and conquer - or eminent domain. Choose your choice phrase for - an order to vacate. The free world planet earth - on the basis of faith. Freedom and love - over and over and over and over again.

Fed from their hand - not the hand of god. Stealing oil and lying to us all. In this corrupt industrious machine that I never meant to become a part of. This diabolical military industrial complex.

So what are they going to kill....kill us all?

Protest history and steadfast destiny. Take control of our lives. Bring democracy. Procreation of the serpent. Put a price on life. Human kind extinct.

It's just a simple plan: He who controls food controls the world.